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Attention! Hula Hooping is not just for kids! Embrace your inner flow and express yourself in dance as you strengthen your core, blast calories, sculpt your muscles and build coordination in this action-packed Adult Hoop Teach and Jam Class! Bring your own hoop, purchase, or borrow one for the class and learn basic skills such as on-body hooping which will be taught in detail, and additional tricks, dances, and poses based on class progression and interest. No previous experience is necessary, all levels are welcome. This is a low-pressure class where you can learn at your own pace and Ebony, your instructor, will be there to help students progress at their comfort and skill level.

The first part of class includes a dynamic warm-up, detailed instruction on various hoop tricks and techniques, as well as a few bodyweight exercises. The second part of class includes a Hoop Jam Circle where you can choose to show off everything you’ve learned as a group to some great tunes, followed by a chilled-out cool-down.

I am Ebony Thomas. a 30 year old wife, Hula hooper, Tang Soo Do Martial Artist and Personal Training student from Pittsburgh Pa. I started hooping as a flow art back in January 2016, but my oldest hoop is 8 years old! I originally purchased a weighted fitness hoop from Canyon Hoops 8 years ago to help me lose weight. I spent about 40 minutes a day waist hooping and it helped me lose 50 pounds! After I lost the weight, I retired my hoop not realizing all the amazing things you can do with hooping. About 6 years later, I discovered some Hoop Flow videos on Instagram and was amazed! I knew my weighted hoop was way too big to do the tricks that I saw so I went to Target and purchased a lighted wave hoop and that was history! Hooping is my passion and I found that I love showing people how to Hula Hoop for the first time! Last spring I created a Hoop Fitness Program called Hoop Teach and Jam to teach friends and peers how to Hula Hoop. In addition I have done demonstrations and performances and plan to add more opportunities to my journey. I am looking forward to hooping, teaching, and jamming with you all!